Technical Specialist (Application & Data Security)

Web applications make up the bulk of our online experiences, enhanced by emerging technologies to enrich our daily experiences but also exposed to their vulnerabilities. Some of the major fields of application security include coding security practices, data protection, pre and post-launch security solutions. Team members in this domain deliver solutions in these areas, from pre-sales to delivery to post-delivery services and follow-ups for our clients, advising and prioritizing options to secure their applications in an evolving Internet.

Job Respomsibilities

  • Carry out project delivery and post-delivery tasks related to application security
  • Take part in pre-sales tasks
  • Develop skills of the various techniques in application security
  • Support incident response and solution review processes whenever application security expertise is needed

Job Requirements

  • Background in application development, information security, database administration or system administration
  • Minimum 1-2 years experiences in application development will be an advantage
  • Open-minded and innovative, think outside-the-box!
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, initiative, eagerness to learn and ability to work independently within a team structure
  • Curiosity and genuine interest in cybersecurity

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